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to go to Shenzhen is their love of music. They are all talented and want to sing their hearts out in front of national ▓audience by participating in a Shenzhen-based reality▓ show.The foursome's trip is indeed fun, but also turns out

to be dangerous as well. Luckil▓y, help is on hand along the way in the form of a nomad family, a shepherd, a mo▓torcycle club, and a TV producer's assistant.The film is in fact inspired by a true story. In 2010, a▓ group of nine Tibetan children sang on the stage of the reality show China's Got Talent, which was broadcast natio

nwide. Aged 10 to 13, all of them were students from the school for blind children in Lhasa, earning a rousing applause from the four judges and studio audience alike with their pure and youthful voices.Ballad From Tibet has won the award for Best Children's ▓Feature at the 13th China International Children's Film Festival in November 20

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17, and earned nominations at 17 different international children's film festivals in Germany, Canada, Japan, Greece, Australia and India.Please scan the QR Code to follow us o▓n InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to f▓ollow us on Wecha

tTourists to help find missing childrenTour▓ists to help find missing childrenTourists ▓to help find missing children02-23-2018▓ 10:40 BJTA Spring Festival temple fair in ▓Kaifeng, Henan province, has attracted major media attention after it printed information about missing children along with admission tickets and encouraged ▓tou

rists to help share them through socia▓l media.Personal information of about 300 missing children, including their names, photos, dates of disappearance as well as contact numbers of fa▓mily members, are printed on paper attached to tickets for the fair held in Han Yuan, a famous cultural park in the city."Thousands▓ of people visit the an

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    nual temple fair, which lasts fo▓r 17 days, and we want to take this chance to do som

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    ething meaningful," said Yang Shengnan, deputy manager of the park.The s

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    ources of the childre▓n's information, who come from all over the country, are from

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    the missing persons' websites or provided by local▓ NGOs, said Yang."We have

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    contacted ▓families or websites to update the information before we print them out.

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    Some children have been fou▓nd, while others have remained missing for ye

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    ars. The parents thanked us for creating one more chance of getting any clue to th

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    e whereabouts of the▓ir lost kids," she said.Apart from the special admis

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    sion ticket supplements, a dis▓play panel of 110 square meters with pertinent inf▓orma

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    tion has been set up in the park to ▓attract public attention. The panel,

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    along w▓ith the tickets, cost nearly 10,000 yuan ($1,573), said Ya▓ng.She said the

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    park planned to print mo▓re paper with lost children's information becaus

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    e the Lantern Festival, which takes place next Friday, will attract large crowds to ta

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    ke in the festivities.Also, the park is going to share the information

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    of those reported missing who are▓n't necessarily children, including the elderly,

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    during the Tomb Sweeping Festival in Apri▓l."We have started to collect th

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    son remains a pain in my he▓art. I have tried many ways and was once cheated out of money," said Xie Liuming, from Hunan provinc▓e, whose eldest son, Xie Yujie, went missing on Oct 6, 2013, at the age of 6."I feel grateful that many kind people offered help, including the ticket method. My wife and I will not change our contact

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    information or shut off our mobile phones. We are waiting for good news," said the 34-year▓-old father who has never stopped search▓ing for his child.Most netizens praised the idea on social media, saying it not only helps to spread information, but also raises people's awareness of protecting children and the elderly.Please scan the QR Cod

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    e t▓o follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatCouple arrested in Souther▓n California for shackling 13 children to beds with chainsCouple arrested in Southern California for shackling 13 children to beds with chainsCouple arrested in South▓ern California for shackling 13 children to beds with chains01-16-2018 15:40 BJTLOS ANGELES, Jan▓. 15 (Xin

    hua) -- A couple living in S▓outhern California was arrested after police found ▓they shackled their 13 children to beds with chains and left them malnourished.David Allen T▓urpin, 56, and his wife, 49-year-old Louise Ann Turpin, who both live in Perris

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    , a town 100 km east of Los Angeles, were arreste▓d Sunday on suspicion of committing multiple acts of torture and child abuse, according to a no▓tification released Monday by th

    Tibetan regional c

    e Riverside County Sher▓iff's Department.An investigation was initiated Sunday morning after a 17-year-old girl fled fro▓m the suspects' residence, police said, adding that the▓


    victim used a mobile phone to call 911, reporting that her 12 brothers and sisters were imprisoned withi▓n the home. The girl further claimed some of her sibli▓ngs were bound wi

    Lhasa. They choose Sh

    th chains and padlocks.Local police and deputies from the sheriff's depart▓ment went to the residence where the teenager escaped and▓ then they were shocked by the scene."Further

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    i▓nvestigation revealed several children shackled to their beds with chains and padlocks in dark and ▓foul-smelling surroundings," the notification disclosed. "Deputies located what they believed to be 12 children inside the house, but were shocked to discover that seven of them were actually adults, ra▓nging in age from 18 to 29."The victims appeared to be ▓"malnourished" and "very dirty," the notification said, adding that the victims have been se▓nt to hospital after being interviewed b▓y detectives.David and Louise Turpin were then booked for▓ torture and child endangerment with a bai▓l set at 9 million U.S. dollars each.P▓lease scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlea▓se scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatPower walker▓: 5-year-old boy walks with portable exoskeleton for d▓isabled childrenMore galleriesPower walker: 5-year-old▓ boy walks with portable exoskeleton for disabled childrenPlease scan the QR Code to follow ▓us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on Wechat'+sli.text()+'Dingjie border police s▓tation of Tibet Public Security Frontier Corps has carried out an activity of 'border mot▓hers' helping children of po

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f the ▓four children, measures the distance

or families. Nine female officers, called border mothers, have claimed 15 poverty-stricken children from Dingjie Central ▓Primary School. More galleries'Border mothers' give love to children of poor families in Tibe

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    t▓Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on Wechat'+sli.text()+'Li Ying, 46, was a mother of a handicapped ▓child. She established a kindergarten for the handicapped children in 2005. Li▓ has now become a 'caring mother' for more than 100 handicapped children.More galleriesCaring mother takes care of more than 100 handicapped childrenPlease▓ scan the QR Code to follow us on Instag

    ramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us▓ on Wechat'+sli.text()+'3D printing technologies con▓tinues to upgrade on a daily basis.China Breakthroughs: 3D printing pumps new life for young h▓eart patientsChina Breakthroughs: 3D printing pumps new life▓ for young heart patients08-21-2017 13:36 BJTBut that's ancient history when considering the latest advances in the medical field. Scientists, invento▓rs and doctors are working closely

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    with academia and governments to develop new dev▓ices and medical products that are manufactu▓red by 3D printing in order to treat pati▓ents.According to the latest developments▓, the medical community is not only manufacturing new limbs for amputees, but they can assist children suffering from chronic illnes▓s, including congenital heart disease. The Shanghai Children▓'s Medical Center has become a crucial player in this area▓.T

    he largest children's hospital in China has utilized 3D printing to assist with heart surgeries on young people.Life-saving surgeriesIn April 2017, Xinhua reports two young patients - Ma Changqiang, 16-years-old and 8-months-old Yang Youhong, bot▓h from north west China's Qinghai Province, had undergone heart surgery by doctors at the Shanghai children's hospital who were using 3D printing technologies."Our children ha▓ve the

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    world’s latest 3D printi▓ng technology. We are so lucky," said Ma Wenming, grandfather of Ma Chenqian▓g. "Moreover the fees including tran▓sportation, accommodation, diagnosis and treatment were all free. We are really grateful."The Ma family had received support from a China-Belgium charity project that provides▓ free medical care for children, diagnosed wit▓h heart disease and come from the under-develope▓d Western China

    region.The Shanghai Children’s Medical Center and Belgium▓-based Materialise NV, one of the world’s largest 3D printing software and services providers, are coop▓erating on the philanthropic initiative.Global leader: pediatric heart careJi Qingying, deputy director of▓ Shanghai Children's Medical Center, said the hospital con▓ducts over 3,700 heart operations on children, ranking it number one among th▓e world’

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s medical institutions▓.On average, families pay in the range - RMB80,000-100,000 (US$11,600-14,5

00) for a heart operation. But 3▓D printing can reduce costs.Meanwhile, the China-Belgi

um ▓charity project is expected to offer 15 to 20 lifesaving heart surgeries per year, fr

ee of charge.Additionally, 3D printing is going mainstream and research firm International Data Corp. foreca▓sts Chin

a to become the Asia-Pacific leader in th▓e field by 2018 and could surpass th▓e United States and Europ


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ean Union soon."Applications for 3D printing will extend▓ beyond just being prototype in manufacturing and healthc▓are especially," IDC analyst Mun Chum Lim told▓ Shanghai Daily.Better educated on performance"Consumers are more educated and will seek benefits of incorporating 3D printing into different areas," added Mun.Chinese manufacturers are exploring new method▓s to cu

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